The Vision of the Metaverse Project PUGG and Its Open World

2 min readApr 18, 2022


The hunt for meaning is the purpose of people in the metaverse, and the Metaverse is worth a lifetime of research. Humans and the world are flawed imitations of God, and their search for meaning will never end. PUGG was founded in 2021 and has grown in popularity since then; the number of registered users has already surpassed 50,000 globally.

The vision of the project PUGG

PUGG can help content producers with a number of industrial initiatives, KOL, and in-depth operational assistance. The PUGG team is also working on a set of building environmental scenarios and profit models to enable project parties enhance their capacity to connect with society and increase environmentalist profitability. For example, the script may be used to interact with entertainment, cultural, and online social media platforms like Telegram, Discord, and Twitter, among others.

PUGG will also actively recruit project parties to live and work in close proximity to high-quality initiatives, resulting in mutual gains. Some high-quality content providers, KOLs, and others may use PUGG to create their IP and enhance stickiness and fan involvement by using features such as NFTs and incentives. For instance, a creator or KOL may give their followers and readers a special NFT medal, which allows them to continuously earn privileges in the private ecosystem built by the KOL or the creator, and Torum will form a strong link with them based on the NFT. Of course, this NFT may be sold in Torum’s NFT shop; the value and liquidity of the transaction are determined by the value premium granted to the NFT by KOL or the content provider, and the NFT will eventually lead to the emergence of new scenarios.

Open world

The Metaverse’s features include actual open and unlimited freedom with ongoing governance of the world so it runs smoothly, and this moment will undoubtedly occur in the Metaverse blockchain, multi-dimensional space, the virtual world, and the entrance of the real Internet era, for which all meta-persons are worth battling. CALIT is the initial corridor in the PUGG ecosystem, and it may play the function of value exchange and medium of exchange in the ecosystem, including user access to incentives, mining rewards, various forms of payments, credit guarantees, DeFi participation, and so on. The evolution of the PUGG environment and the profound convergence of value are likewise projected to be accompanied by CALIT.